Basic Lessons Of Goodness (BLOG)


BLOG (Basic Lessons of Goodness)

Time to give thanks. Actually every morning should begin with thanks to God for all of our gifts received and yet to come. Ditto every bedtime.

There’s a lot of talk these days about “the end – times”. We must remember that we have not been told, but rather we should always be prepared.

So, would it hurt to have some beeswax candles (enough for 3 days – 72 hours less maybe 24 for sleep) and get them blessed so there’s light enough to avoid kicking the furniture if darkness does descend for 3 days.

Would it hurt to study what some, like Fr. Pio, advised Would it hurt to pray our little hearts out for a safe landing when the end does come … and it is coming (read Revelations, don’t believe me because I am a Storyteller, and Holy Scripture is the Truth. – 11-22-2021


Things are getting busy here. You could say there goes a man on a mission, and you’d be right on. Because, yours truly must write on and we plan to publish at least four books this coming year: “RE’ ACH” ; “ALL” ; “INCOGNITO” AND “PRAY”. These four books are in the Final Pre-Edit Draft Phase. Editing has already been contracted for “RE’ ACH” to begin about Jan. 15, 2022. After that it’s Rush, Rush, Rush. Look for lots of scheduling changes as things develop on the battlefront. 11-15-2021

There is a new entry on the Franciscan Page. Included will be the daily prayers of this Secular Franciscan along with meditations about these same prayers and the Rule behind them. This is intended for anybody wanting to compare notes, just nosy about what it means to be a Secular Franciscan, and, it is hoped the entry will inspire your own prayer life. All for the Greater Glory of God and the Good Life. 11-8-2021

Praying all the time as written in Ephesians 6:18 “With all prayer and supplication, pray at every opportunity in the Spirit.” is easier done than it sounds. One starting point goes to the idea that God created us in Love. It’s real that when we love someone, we want to bond with them in ways that reflect true love. Prayer to God is a conversation with Him. If we’re at a loss for words, He fills the gap. – P J Chalmers 11-6-2021

The hand of the LORD came upon me, and he led me out in the spirit of the LORD and set me in the center of the broad valley. It was filled with bones. He made me walk among them in every direction. So many lay on the surface of the valley! How dry they were! He asked me: Son of man, can these bones come back to life? “Lord GOD,” I answered, “you alone know that.” Then he said to me: Prophesy over these bones, and say to them: Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD! Thus says the Lord GOD to these bones: Listen! I will make breath enter you so you may come to life. EZEKIEL 37:1-5 posted by P. J. Chalmers 11-2-21

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