that is to say the website published is a work for the love of God’s Wisdom!

Recently a friend and I were discussing the name of this website. One idea was to call it “org.org” – meaning old retired guy.organization. But, we settled on P J deCamera. P J is my personal nickname and “deCamera” is just another way to say Chalmers. Interestingly, deCamera means secret room…so there you go, now you know! This is where I reveal secrets to you if you are interested.

Time was I started work as an Apprentice Training Clerk in a local factory. I think I looked younger then, but growing up means getting the look that goes with age, like an old oak tree in late autumn – you know, when the leaves change color, start falling out, and the bark gets more and more wrinkled.


So, for now, this is the author’s new look. My writing has changed too, and we hope that’s for the better and more entertaining.

In my first job as a clerk, writing lesson plans, speaker notes, test questions, student handouts, and education of apprentices information represented the daily tasks.

Not much later I was in the U.S. Army Intelligence Service; part of my duties included writing purchase documents and technical specs.

Then back home from the Service, my job included writing training materials, workbooks, contracts, public relations articles for the local newspaper, and even fraternal and business newsletters.

Moving on to management work, I was called on to write all the above as well as proposed training programs for major corporations, like the Burlington Northern Railroad of St. Paul, MN. Later, Engineering Specifications became part of my writer’s portfolio like major projects such as those for Special Hazards Systems in Tucson, Houston, and around Chicago at the Daly Center Office Building as well as St. Joseph Hospital, and even for Chemical Plants near Lake Calumet.

My job titles ranged from shop-serviceman, soldier, to weigh-master and from District Manager to CEO. Later, I was a teacher, instructor, and, then, professor. Yep, I started as a “gofer” ending as “da boss”, and, during my last decade at work, became known as “Doc”. Over the years, I was ‘up and down, over and out”, but I never stayed down very long. One of my brothers-in-law said, “You had a good run.” And, you know, I’m still in the run.

As an educator I was called on to write papers about teaching and learning. For a time, I was a reviewer of others’ writings for the Technical section of the International Communication Association; and occasionally for major textbook publishers. There was a Masters of Communications Degree Thesis: Conflict Resolution as a Positive Variable of Interpersonal Communications. Then it was Dissertation Time when I wrote: An interpretive description of What It Means to be a Professional Adult Educator.

Along the learning path: Millikin University was the center of most of my BA degree credits in Business studies; US Army Signal School for Electronics; ITT ESI for Electronics Engineering Technology; Governors State University awarded the BA in Liberal Arts Studies; Governors State also granted my MA in Communication Studies. The Ed D degree in Leadership and Educational Studies came from Northern Illinois University.

LaSalle Extension University Accounting Studies, and, Alexander Hamilton Institute Business Studies. Various Engineering Studies from Industry and US Army Signal Schools were central to my Engineering Studies in Manufacturing, Fire Protection, and Electronics Technologies, New York Institute of Photography and Governors State University both contributed to my Fine Arts Studies, Long Ridge Writers Group, and more, learning chances also put new tools in my work belt.

Now, I’m a ‘senior citizen’ and want-to-be ‘creative fiction writer’. Fiction Writing has become this day’s new pursuit. “All stories are true, some of them actually happened.”, according to our pastor.

So – good reading to you.

Fraternal Affiliations: Knights of Columbus; Secular Franciscan Order; Militia Immaculata.

Professional Affiliations: Board of Directors, Catholic Writers Guild; International Freelance Photographers Association; and, formerly, a Grievance Officer with National Writers Union Local #1981.

Technical Professional Societies: Electronics Technicians Association; Society of Fire Protection Engineers; Society of Manufacturing Engineers, National Institute for the Certification of Engineering Technologies. Highest Certification, Senior Professional Engineer.

Past Community and Industry Service association memberships include National Safety Council; National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors; Fire Suppression Systems Association; National Automatic Sprinkler and Fire Control Association; National Fire Protection Association; American General Contractors Association; The Chamber of Commerce; Optimists International; and, Rotary International. Illinois Adult Continuing Education Association; Adult Continuing Education Association; International Communication Association.

Schools Attended: St. Francis Seminary; Millikin University; Governors State University, Northern Illinois University. Highest Degree, Doctor of Education.

Interests: Business; Technology; Communication; Photography; Writing.

Avocations: Collecting; Investing; Philanthropy; Adult Learning; Creative Writing; Retirement Living; and, whatever today brings.

My favorite tombstone inscription reads: “He weren’t much, but he tried.”

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